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Why Gift Vouchers Are the Go-To Gift This Christmas

Gift them something they’ll really love this Christmas! Say Hello to the Gift voucher! That’s right forget everything you thought you knew! Extra thoughtful, super convenient plus a fab a chance to support local - what’s not to love! Whomever you need to buy for this year, check out these 6 amazing reasons you’ll want to re-think this little power pocket of Christmas cheer.

Everything is starting to look merry and bright! Whilst I’ve been feeling festive for a while now thanks to my Christmas Mini Photo sessions, I can’t help but be thrilled to see the sprinkle of Christmas wares in the

supermarket aisles and high street.

When it comes to getting everything just-so, Christmas can still be a bit of a headache for many people. We all face tricky gift buying situations at this time of year. Whether that’s with a hard-to-buy-for

recipient, or someone who seemingly has everything. Maybe you want something different and unique or wish to treat someone you love to something special. Whatever your conundrum, I’ve got a little Christmas secret in my stocking and it’s going to blow your mind!

Say hello to the gift voucher! That’s right, ignore everything you thought you knew! These handy little gift givers pack a seasonal punch of magic and delight. Need convincing? Check out my 6 reasons why gift vouchers will add extra festive cheer this Christmas.

1. Gift Vouchers Help You Keep to Budget

It’s the most wonderful (and expensive) time of the year. It’s oh so easy to overspend in this indulgent season. Not only does buying a gift voucher or gift card allow you to stick firmly to budget but it means the

lucky recipient can use them in the January sales to snag themselves a bargain. Knowing what retailers they love or shops and restaurants they visit often, means they’re absolutely guaranteed to love the gift -after all they’ll be picking it!

2. They’re Oh So Easy to Do!

Who doesn’t like to make life a little bit easier? Gift cards and vouchers maybe easy to purchase but that doesn’t mean they are a cop out. Take some of the festive sweat out of your gift giving with some well thought out and personal gifts. Gift cards and vouchers make some of the most appreciated gifts that your recipient will really love. Go that extra mile with the wrapping by adding that thoughtful touch. Think Disney+ or Netflix subscription card wrapped with a snuggly blanket and a bar of chocolate for that perfect night in. Maybe a meal voucher at their favourite restaurant or takeaway with accompanying menu wrapped beautifully with a bow! There’s a sleighful of ideas online to inspire you.

If you’re a last-minute shopper, gift vouchers are a great way to shop right up to the big day (if you dare leave it that long!). No more quick dashes to the petrol station on Christmas eve for an emergency present, gift vouchers can be delivered electronically in seconds! Easy, convenient, thoughtful, and unique. What’s not to love?

3. Gifts With Meaning That They’ll Love Forever

After recent times, we all know that being together is the best place to be! Gifting experiences that bring you all together is something everyone will cherish. A photography session (with yours truly) really can be a gift they’ll love for a lifetime. Getting family together and capturing that special moment is by far a Christmas treat they are guaranteed to love. My gift vouchers are open ended for 12 months and can be scheduled for a date in the new year that suits everyone involved.

Whether it’s a family photo shoot with all generations together, just grandparents and grandkids, other studio/ lifestyle shoots or of course my mini sessions - the options are endless. Why not build in a pub lunch after and walk in the gorgeous Hampshire surroundings to top it off.

4. Gift Vouchers Are a Little Bit Kinder to The Environment

Christmas is notoriously bad for excess packaging, wrap and waste. For those wanting to reduce as much as possible, gift cards and vouchers are a certainly lower impact option. They’re small and naturally have significantly less packaging waste. Whilst arguably some gift cards are plastic (so they don’t tick all the environmentally conscious boxes), some companies now have plastic free cards and lots of gift vouchers are printed on quality card stock that you can recycle.

When adding that extra sparkle to gift vouchers try using simple recyclable brown paper (most Christmas wrap can’t be recycled) adorned with a real ribbon or twine. This means that there’s less to go in the bin. Even better consider a digital voucher that you can print off and gift.

5. Gift Vouchers Offer Memorable Experiences

For those who seem to have everything, gifting an experience is often the best way to warm their heart at Christmas. Making memories, getting everyone together is something you can’t put a price on.

Maybe they’ve been saying they wanted to try a restaurant for ages or start doing a particular activity or class. Most places now offer gift vouchers for anything and everything! Whether it’s a flower arranging

workshop, a set of Pilates classes, a photoshoot or cake making class, there’s something for everyone’s tastes, no matter how fussy they are! Why not add that extra magic by joining in too!

6. Support Local Businesses This Festive Season

You may have heard that when you shop local, smaller businesses do a happy dance! It’s true! Everyone’s sense of local is much stronger post pandemic and Christmas is the perfect time to spread a bit of festive

cheer locally by gift buying from Fleet’s small independents and of course our very own high street.

With meal vouchers available at restaurants like El Castello and Sorrento, cream tea vouchers for Daisy’s Tea Room at Serendipity, gorgeous photography gift vouchers from me (of course) or local Pilates/ yoga lessons, the options really are endless.

Gift Vouchers and cards are a wonderfully creative ways to add a little extra sparkle to anyone’s Christmas stocking this year!

So go on, treat those you love to something really special this Christmas!

Love Jess xx

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