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6 Simple Camera Confidence Tips for Brilliant Brand Photography

Have you ever heard the phrase “People buy from people?”

If you are a new business or a small business looking to grow, thinking about how to build strong connections with your customers is one of the best ways to help your business bloom. And there is no better way to show your potential customers what makes your business FAB than having some personality-packed photos that encapsulate what you’re all about.

But what if you’re a little camera shy? What if you’re not sure where to start when it comes to a brand shoot or maybe it all just feels a little bit daunting?

If you’re looking to boost your one-of-a-kind brand with imagery to match then why not check out my 6 super tips to boost your camera confidence? From how to prepare like a pro to picking the perfect props, I promise you’ll be camera comfortable in a jiffy!

1. Preparation is Key to Getting Great Photos

Getting in front of the camera has never mattered so much. After all, who can tell your story better than you? One of the best ways to get comfortable in front of the camera is to be 100% clear on what you’re trying to convey from the start. So, think about what makes your brand or business so good. What story are you looking to bring to life? Brand photography isn’t about taking pretty pictures, it’s about imagery that perfectly communicates what you do.

Think about how you want your message to come across. Is your brand fun and quirky or leaning towards a more formal, professional vibe? Getting your values, your personality and your business tone pinned down from the start will help shape the style and tone of your shoot.

2. Plan Your Outfits in Advance

The first rule of thumb for any shoot is to wear something comfortable. There’s nothing worse than constantly readjusting tightly fitting clothes or wearing an outfit that is “in fashion” but isn’t really your vibe. My top tip is to plan outfits well in advance and bring a few options to switch up your look on

the day. Knowing what you’re trying to convey in the photos can 100% influence what you choose to wear. If you’re looking for a relaxed style of images, your clothing can reflect this with carefully chosen items that let your personality shine.

Photographers are pretty good at knowing what works well on camera and can help you select outfits that fit your preferred style and make sure it all complements your brand colours too. Looking your best really does matter so don’t be afraid to ask for advice!

3. Props Can Help Provide Context and Keep Your Hands Busy!

Props are a brilliant way to bring your brand to life AND help boost your camera confidence! One of the things my clients often worry about is what to do with their hands! Props are not only a good way to keep

your hands busy, but when selected carefully, they also provide a clever insight into your business.

Whether you’re using the tools of your trade as props (think hairdresser with scissors or an interior designer with colour swatches) or using props to reflect your business vibe (think a PT enjoying a gorgeous healthy salad), everything you surround yourself with in a shoot can help you tell your personal brand


Showing how your product is made with behind-the-scenes imagery or showing your product in use is an easy way to use your product as a prop too. From selecting colourful accessories to complement your specific brands hues to picking items that help give extra context to your business - props and accessories can help you show personality and purpose in your imagery.

4. Pick Locations Where You Feel Comfortable

Whether you’re planning on going behind the scenes of your business, or want to show your product in action, having photos taken in your natural workspace will 100% help you feel less self-conscious. Beyond your place of work, take time to think about other locations that reflect your personality and the style of imagery you’re going for. For PT’s, getting a selection of outdoor shots would work perfectly alongside studio-based imagery and is a natural extension of your brand values. If you’re a freelancer looking to create a relaxed, informal style of images, having candid photography in a busy coffee shop or other informal setting can help showcase your personal, approachable style. Locations can help you create content for your brand photography as well as providing lovely ways to for you shine in front of the

camera without feeling shy!

5. A Well-Planned Shot List Will Reduce Stress

A shot list is exactly what it sounds like. A list of shots that you want to take over the duration of the shoot. Not only is this important from a time perspective so that you and your photographer can ensure you get all the essential images you need, but it also allows you to plan (and prep) in advance.

Knowing in advance what is expected of you (or your team) can help reduce anxiety about being in front of the lens. Having a clear list of photos needed, outfits, locations and props for each one helps everyone stay on the same page, plus you can build in time for breaks and outfit changes.

6. Don’t Forget to Have Fun and Always Be Yourself!

The best way to get knock-your-socks-off brand photography is to simply be yourself. You may feel nervous about having your picture taken but I promise with a bit of preparation, the right props and the right locations, your worries will soon fade away. My top tip when selecting a photographer is to check out their portfolios to see if their style matches the look and feel you’re aiming for. Create a shortlist and then simply get in touch. After a chat on the phone or grabbing a coffee together you’ll get a gut feel for how

comfortable you’d feel with that person taking your photo. Working with the right photographer is all about feeling confident and trusting that they ‘get’ you, your business and your brand.

Getting great brand photography doesn’t have to be stressful. I promise feeling comfortable in front of the camera is something that everyone (no matter how camera shy) can achieve! Photographers are trained to bring out the best in you. We are pretty good at knowing all the flattering angles, awesome outfits and perfect props so try not to worry! If you’re looking for some brilliant brand photography to help your business bloom, I’m always happy to have a chat (or cuppa) to see if we’d fit. If you’re not sure what you need, want some advice or are looking for some inspo, then please do get in touch!

Love Jess xx

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