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5 Ways Brilliant Brand Photography Can Help your Business Bloom

If you’re a small business owner, or maybe someone who’s turned their hobby into a start-up, you’ll know that every penny counts when it comes to keeping your business buoyant.

But, when it comes to brand photography many smaller businesses shy away from investing in their imagery. Brand photography can seem like it’s for the big companies (who have marketing budgets gasp!) but the truth is, investing in your visuals, no matter how big or small your business is, has never mattered so much, especially if you want to grow.

You see brand photography is all about boosting your visibility. It’s about telling your brand story and showing off your best bits to your potential customers. It isn’t just for the big businesses. It’s for all businesses – big, medium, or small. So, if you’re looking to grow your business, and boost your bottom-line then check out these 5 ways brand photography can help.

1. Brand Photography Helps Convey Your Passion for Your Business

Think of brand photography as a visual shorthand for your business. It can cleverly convey through style, colours, and aesthetic more about your brand than an “About Us” page ever could. In a visually driven world, getting your business and your brand to cut-through the noise is hard. Consumers are

looking to engage with businesses that are authentic and relatable – so getting across your passion for your business is one way to stop the scroll and let your brand values shine through. Leveraging what inspired your business or what your company stands for can help emphasise your unique appeal. Not only will it help build your brand, but it will also help you sell your products or services too. Hurrah!

2. Brand Photography Helps You Stay Visible

It can be daunting thinking about a brand shoot. It might feel easier (or safer) to jump into using some stock photography that leans towards the vibe you’re going for. The problem is that, whilst stock photography is useful, it can only take you so far visually. Stock imagery is purposefully generic, often with

many companies using the same images. In a world where consumers are seeking out authenticity, if you look like everyone else, your customer will understandably get turned off. So let your business character shine through with bespoke photography that is 100% you. Photography that has your clear business focus at its heart.

3. Brand Photography Helps Show Your Human-Side

Leveraging the human parts of your business is another way brand photography can maximise your unique appeal. If you’ve got an awesome team, then showcase them in your photos, on your website or on your social media. Add some oomph to your authenticity by letting your consumers see behind the scenes, whether that’s showing how your product or service is made or giving then a glimpse of what customers can expect when they use your service. Not only does it help position you as relatable and approachable, but it allows customers to get a better grasp of what your business is about too.

4. Brand Photography Helps Freshen Up Your Vibe

If you’ve got news to share, whether that’s launching a website or refreshing your old one, whether you’re launching a new product, a new offer or adding a new string to your business bow, it makes sense to have imagery that matches this new direction. It seems crazy to talk about an exciting new part of your business journey with old imagery – so don’t. It’s the perfect time to remind your customers just how brill you are and to re-capture their attention with some new original shots.

5. Brand Photography Works Hard - Long After the Shoot! 

Brand photography really is an investment into your business. When done well, the imagery can continue to work hard across all your marketing platforms. From your website, your social media to print, having a cohesive style across all your consumer touch points is guaranteed to showcase your business in the best possible light. For small businesses that are just dipping their toe into marketing, think about how you plan to use your photos, and work with a photographer that can help you pick the right style and aesthetic to help bring it all to life.

If you have a small business that would benefit from some irresistible images, then why not get in touch? My brand shoots are a brilliant way to boost your business visuals and help bring your brand to life. Whether you own a salon or run a dog café, if you’re a PT or a baker, if you want to add some extra visibility to your business, let me help you tell your story of who you are and what you do.

Love Jess xx

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