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4 Top Tips for Terrific Twin Photography

Two to kiss, two to hug and best of all two to love” – Anonymous

Twin photography is so utterly adorable!

There’s nothing more precious than getting the opportunity to capture photos of twins. Getting gorgeous photos of newborn twins snuggling together in aww-inducing womb-like poses or capturing that unique twin bond as they grow into their own little personalities is something totally unique and extra-special. Parents of twins really are on a love filled adventure full to the brim with double the joy, double the fun and double the celebrations!

Photographing twins whatever their age is undoubtedly different. After all we have two beautiful babies to capture and two little personalities to contend with!

If you’re looking to get some shots of your twins and are considering newborn photos, a first birthday cake smash or some fun lifestyle shots of your perfect pair, then check out my top tips for terrific twin photography.

Get ready for double the cuteness and double the fun.

1. Twin mum-to-be? Scheduling a newborn twin photo session is a little different!

You can book your newborn session as soon as you’ve had your 12-week scan and are given your due date. Twins do, however, tend to be born earlier than their due date! If your little ones do come very early – i.e., more than 4 weeks before your due date, they may spend a bit of time in hospital as they wait to put on some weight.

If this does happen, we can schedule your photo shoot closer to your original due date or until babies get to 6lb in weight whichever comes first. Your babies will still be sleepy and curl up into those gorgeous newborn positions when they are still little so waiting a few weeks won’t affect that fresh newborn

feel to your photos.

2. Twin photography does take extra time – but don’t worry it’s not more expensive!

There are many ways in which twin photography is different, but the price of my twin shoots isn’t one of them. You don’t pay double because you’ve got two babies. Phew!

Twin newborn shoots do take longer than a single newborn session. There are a few reasons for this. I always work to the baby and their schedules, building in comfort breaks for feeding and changing. This must then be multiplied with two babies! Whilst I do have a few tips to help plan for the session, ultimately, we always follow both your babies’ schedules. Whatever that may be.

Twin babies keep you on your toes, so I always have an assistant with me on newborn twin shoots to help support and hold the babies as I’m working with them. Having an extra pair of hands to help with the transitions and handling of the twins helps keep the sessions relaxed and most importantly extra safe.

Twin sitter sessions or cake smash sessions are also longer in duration. This gives us ample time to get individual shots and shots of the twins together. It also helps in case the twins don’t want to cooperate or one needs extra encouragement. In most twin photoshoots especially when the twins are moving, it does involve more parent involvement! Keeping spirits high, providing snacks, and squeezing in cuddles to keep everyone happy is always part of a good plan.

3. Twins aren’t always on the same time schedule – Please don’t worry!

Despite what stereotypes people have about twins, the reality is they aren’t always in sync. This is typically the case when you’re trying to do something where you want them to be - like photographs!

My main advice is don’t worry. When it comes to newborn photography, single newborn shoots have periods where the baby wakes or needs settling, feeding or changing and it’s no different with a twin shoot. I do have a few tips and tricks up my sleeves to get babies ready for a session and often with a full tummy and a toasty hot studio, babies tend to slip easily back into the land of nod.

If one baby is snoozing happily, and their sibling is still being soothed, we can switch our focus on to the sleepy baby and get some gorgeous individual shots until we can place them back together again.

This is the same for cake smash sessions or other lifestyle studio photography. If one twin is more shy than the other or needs more soothing, this is totally normal! We can capture individual shots of one of the twins whilst we wait for the other twin to come around (they always do!). For most cake smash sessions once one of the twins is digging in, the other twin soon decides it’s a great idea!

4. To Match or not to match?

Before any photography session, I always chat with my clients to discuss the style and colours they prefer. For newborn photography, if you know in advance the gender of your twins you might want to consider how this will affect the choice of your colour scheme and outfits. Do you want them to match or not? To look similar but not the same or to be completely different. Using accessories like hats and headbands can create a subtle difference and (if identical twins) help tell them apart!

I’ve a huge selection of matching outfits, clothes and props in an array of colours. From neutral oatmeal and cream to pastel pinks and blues and everything in-between.

I’m always on hand to answer any questions or advise on colour schemes or outfits so feel free to drop me an email with any questions.

Getting beautiful photos of your twin babies together is guaranteed to make you swoon! From gorgeous newborn photos where your babies naturally snuggle and reach to hold each other, to sitter sessions brimming with double doses of personality and, of course, double the fun. Add cake to the session and you’ve a first birthday milestone no-one will forget!

Having twins in my studio is one of my most favourite sessions to photograph. If you’ve got twins and are interested in booking a photoshoot, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

My twin shoots are lots of fun with oodles of laughter and best of all -double the memorable moments to cherish!

Love Jess xx

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