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Oh-so-magical Lavender – the must have mini photo session this summer

Want to escape to somewhere magical and purple? Why not join me at Mayfield Farm for my lavender mini sessions this summer?

Every year during a relatively short window of time, something magical happens. Lavender blooms. It’s no coincidence that summer brings with it sunshine, hope and optimism at EXACTLY same the time that Lavender bursts into season.

Those late June, early July hues of purple give us the perfect opportunity to capture some amazing unique photos for you to keep forever.

If you’re preparing for your lavender session or simply just want to find out more, here’s everything you need to know about my lavender minis! From to what to wear to details of the day, here’s 4 fact-tastic FAQs to ensure you enjoy every perfectly purple moment!

1. Where will my lavender mini session take place?

My Lavender sessions are held at Mayfield Lavender Farm in Surrey. Mayfield Lavender Farm has 25 acres of beautiful organic lavender, as well as a shop and an alfresco café. Entry to the farm is £4 per adult and children under 16 are free. The entry cost covers parking. Mayfield Lavender Farm is easily accessible from Hampshire and c.1 hour drive

The lavender fields make a wonderful morning or afternoon out. My clients (after their session) often take advantage of the range of activities available at the farm, from lavender cream teas or ice cream (yum) to tractor rides, all fab for keeping the kids happy. The fields are brimming with wildlife such as ladybirds, butterflies & busy bees collecting pollen. It’s a magical place to spend a hazy summer afternoon where you are guaranteed to fall in love with the aroma of lavender and be blown away by the amazing sea of purple that surrounds you!

2. What should we wear for a lavender photo session?

The question I get asked most before any photo shoot is “What should we wear?” Preparation is key. Decide on a colour scheme by picking two or three colours that work together. Select one main colour and use the others as accents to complement it. Select different types of clothing from your chosen palette and have everyone wearing different combinations. The trick is to coordinate not match.

For lavender, I’d recommend soft muted colours and pastel shades such as cream, baby blue, grey and pale pink. For bolder tastes, contrast the lavender with a bright colour like yellow (yellow is opposite purple on the colour wheel and looks fantastic!) or go for complementary colours to purple like rich indigo or deep pink. You can also bring these stronger colours in to the mix with accessories like necklaces and scarves for adults or hair bands and other props for children.

Layers are a great easy way to add variety to your photos using chunky knit cardigans or jumpers. With the ever-changing British weather it’s always better to be prepared. Adding layers as part of your outfit offers a quick way to change your look in between shots but

also caters for the changes in temperature. Make sure you are wearing something underneath your cardigan that you’d be happy to be photographed in and if you do bring a jacket make sure it compliments your colour scheme.

Textures are beautiful on camera – think lace, knit and denim. Patterns like stripes, polka dots or checks all work but avoid big logos as they are distracting and easily date your photo. Simple white sundresses and crisp linen shirts will all look fantastic. Footwear should be casual (we are in a field) but most of all, my top tip is to wear something you feel comfortable in and always bring your brightest smile!

Still not sure? Why not look through my gallery for inspiration on colours.

3. What can I expect in my session?

Informal, relaxed & fun photos and a great day out too! Please arrive at Mayfield Lavender farm in plenty of time. You will be given a meeting spot in your confirmation email. The session will last for 30 minutes and I’ll take a variety of shots.

Some individual photos and a combination of family shots ranging from sitting in the fields, peeking through the lavender, as well as wide angles of you in the field.

If you have something specific in mind please let me know prior to the session. My sessions are informal and relaxed and I will guide you throughout so don’t worry if this is your first photo shoot. If you have younger children, please don’t worry about behaviour, I’m experienced and I know how to get the best out of them (honest!). The lavender fields are brilliant a location for active children. The rows are perfect for running up and down, the fields are brimming with wildlife to captivate them and the promise of ice cream or a tractor ride after really helps! If you could bring a favourite toy, some wet wipes and snacks (non

staining) that would be great.

Your images will be ready to view in my online gallery about 3 weeks after our shoot. Simply select 4 to receive as digital files. If you want more they will be available to purchase as extras.

4. What makes lavender photos so special?

Photography taken in lavender fields is simply one-of-a-kind. Lavender is perfect for families but it is also a wonderful backdrop for many other occasions. If you have a baby who can sit unaided they are the perfect height for lavender shots. This is a fantastic and different photo opportunity for toddlers that are too big for the baby sessions but maybe just a bit too little for a full family photo session. If you’re celebrating a birthday or engagement, lavender offers a

unique romantic backdrop for stunning photos. The versatility of lavender is endless!

Lavender mini sessions offer magnificent light airy images in the day or buttery soft rich colours in the early evening depending on which slot you select. If you would like a sunset lavender session, then please contact me to arrange a bespoke shoot. They’re fantastic, fun, and fragrant! My clients often describe them as magical sessions. I couldn’t agree more!

If you want to experience the magic of lavender this July, join my waiting list for the soon-to-be-released times PLUS a special offer.

Let’s get snapping!

Wishing you smiles, hugs and lots of purple.

Jess xx

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