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Oh how blue-tiful – Bluebell minis that you don’t want to miss.

A dream come blue - British bluebells are blooming and you’re all invited!

It feels like we’ve all been on pause doesn’t it?

Same old joggers, same old four walls. Despite the seeming monotony of our days, the world around us is awakening. If we take time to look around we can see the emergence of buds, bulbs and flowers unfurling (just like we all are) into a new spring of opportunity!

It’s the start of warmer weather and those wonderful lighter evenings – hooray! We may (if we are brave) eat dinner with the kitchen doors thrown open, maybe even dare to put away our bulkiest coats and (gasp) bring out the pastel sundresses. Spring is such a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be so there’s no better time to start planning my beautiful bluebell minis!

A little fact you may not know is that half of the world’s bluebells are found in the UK. The delicate bluebell is a protected ancient flower, sometimes called a harebell or fairy flower because they are simply magical! We are lucky, especially in Hampshire, to have lots of lush

woodlands so we have oodles of places to discover these timeless magical flowers.

The bluebell season is fleeting - lasting a mere 6 weeks (or less) so as you can imagine the right timing with these precious flowers is everything. April to May is when they are in perfect boom. As spring begins, I’m like a photographic detective, watching out for signs that the bluebells are coming so that I can ensure I get my sessions when they are at their best and most vibrant. I also have some perfect locations that get carpeted in the most amazing blanket of blue that I like to keep under close scrutiny and reserve for my clients.

It’s not easy taking photos of bluebells as they tend to grow where the light is dappled but the hue of blue and violet is a beautiful canvas for any subject. As you can probably imagine they are my some of my most popular sessions.

As you know by now, clothing is always important in photography but even more so in a bluebell shoot. You know right from the start that the base palette colours are purple/blue and green and that clothing choices need to fit in with this natural colour scheme. My rule of thumb is to always go with neutral colours that don’t compete with the bluebells and complement the backdrop. Think spring neutral colours such as dusky blues, pinks and greys. Navy looks great and is more flattering than black in this environment. Avoid clothes with logos or characters and I would avoid green in your colour selection.

With the frequent spring showers that accompany this season, footwear is important. Wellies look great on kids as the woodland tends to be a bit soggy after rainfall or you can bring another shoe if you want a more traditional close up shot. I’ve popped Arabella in

gorgeous daffodil yellow wellies and you can see they really pop on the photos and add an element of fun to the shot – even with dressy clothes. I always bring waterproof mats to sit on and suggest you bring a few extra clothing items like chunky knit cardigans or jumpers to combat the varying temperatures of the season.

The best thing about bluebells is that they look good with everybody! If your baby is sitting up, they are the perfect height for stunning bluebell shots but it’s not just for kids, bluebells photography works well from toddlers to teens. You can book your session here.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that “The earth laughs in flowers” and I agree with him. The beautiful British bluebell is soon to bloom and I for one can’t wait to see the smiles within them.

Love Jess xx

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