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My Double Photos Offer Plus Top Tips for Getting ‘Extra’ From Every Shoot

Aren’t birthdays the best?

I can’t believe Jessica Sharp Photography is turning FIVE! It’s been a fantastic five years full of fun, awesome photography and oodles of fabulous families! But it wouldn’t be a birthday without a pressie or two, so my fifth birthday gift to you is to double the fun! When you book a studio session or lifestyle shoot this month for ANYTIME in 2023, you’ll get double portraits! Hooray!

If you fancy getting some photos with that little bit ‘extra’ all year-round, then check out my top tips for getting the most from every season. From awesome autumn to stunning spring, here’s my handy guide to getting even more from every shoot! Book before the end of October and get my double portraits gift

on-top! Whatever photography you’re looking for, make sure you get all the ‘added extras’ out of every season!

1. Awesome Autumn for Family Friendly Outdoor Photography

Choose autumn for outdoor adventures and frame-worthy family photos! If you’re thinking about booking a family photo refresh or including your precious pooch in the session, autumn is the perfect season to do it!

Not only is Fleet turning into a stunning backdrop of orange, red, yellow and brown just perfect for family photos but autumn photography is so much fun for the kids! Kicking up leaves, woodland walks, the freedom to run, climb, hunt for treasures like pinecones or acorns, it’s simply perfect for energetic

kids and pets! With the darker evenings drawing in, the soft light of autumn is not only super flattering (#no filter needed!) but it’s at its best earlier, giving you plenty of time to build in a kid-friendly shoot without disrupting bedtime! (Bonus!)

With the beautiful woodlands surrounding us in Fleet we are spoilt for choice for amazing autumn photography. So, grab your welly boots, pull on some gorgeous chunky knit jumpers and get some extra-special photos of those you love!

2. Wonderful Winter for Photo Gifts and Family Togetherness

Winter is THE perfect season for family togetherness! December is the best time to get some extra-special portrait shots of the kids that can also double up as beautiful photo gifts for doting grandparents.

But it’s not only about the kids. The winter months of January and February are also brilliant for getting the whole extended family together for a photoshoot. Life seems a bit quieter post-Christmas. Getting everyone together doesn’t involve juggling hectic holiday schedules or busy weekend plans. You also get a wider choice of locations as places are less busy. Add crisp air, rosy cheeks and lovely low winter sun and you’ve the perfect ingredients for the most wonderful winter shots the entire family will love for a


3. Stunning Spring for Eye-catching Bluebell Photography

There’s nothing more magical than spring. Shoots of green, seasonal flowers and the beautiful emerging colours not only makes everyone happy but it’s a wonderful opportunity for some unique photos. Nothing says spring quite so well as bluebells so getting an outdoor lifestyle family session booked in whilst this lovely flower is in bloom is a not-to-be-missed opportunity.

Capturing photos in a sea of blue, shaded in dappled sunlight is a magical hard-to-beat photo session for any age. Bluebells are the perfect height for babies that are now able to sit unaided – which is perfect if you’re looking for an alternative to a studio ‘sitters’ shoot or for an extra-special spring birthday.

Bluebells provide a beautiful blue backdrop for toddlers, teens or even for magical maternity photos. If you want to add some bluebell magic to your photo session, then please don’t wait. Book ahead to be part of this once-a- year photo opportunity.

4. Sun-sational Summer for Golden Hour Greatness

Summer photography is full of smiles! The kids are off school, the clubs are on hold so getting a family photo session in the summer sunlight is a wonderful way to make precious memories.

Summer brings with it many things but it’s gorgeous golden hour light is its crowning glory. I can’t tell you how amazing the golden hour is, the hazy, buttery sunlight just makes photos sing. Golden hour typically takes place just after sunrise or just before sunset so if you’ve got smaller children, you’ll have to juggle naptime to keep little people happy, but the results are totally worth it. Whether it’s family photos or sunset maternity shots, photos in summer’s golden hour are one seasonal extra not to be missed!

Whether you want to refresh your family photos with autumn’s outdoor easiness, take advantage of summer’s special golden hour, or capture the fleeting bluebells of spring, knowing how to harness the best of each season will guarantee you stunning photos every time.

Whatever season you choose to embrace why not get some added ‘extra’ with my doubles offer? Double the portraits, double the fun!

Love Jess xx

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