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“Mum’s the word” - Why it’s time to get mums in the picture this Mother’s Day.

Happy 2021 everyone! This is my first blog of the year and here we are back in another lockdown. As you know, I’ve had to hang up my camera again (temporarily of course) until the time returns that I can get in front of you gorgeous lot once again.

Lockdown has thrown so much at all of us - as individuals and as families. It’s like a big psychedelic elephant in the room that can’t be ignored. As I plan my projects for 2021, I’ve been thinking a lot about the connections that photography can capture and how this year, more than ever, we all need more togetherness in a less intense ‘stuck in your own home kinda’ way.

Parenting is wonderful, yet at times complicated, messy and all encompassing. The recent restrictions have made parents (and in particular mums) take on more than they ever thought possible, from homeschooling, to planning a zillion meals a day (plus snacks), the

endless multitasking, and constant challenge of hiding your overflowing bottle recycling (wine ahem) from your neighbours.

As I flick through my 2021 calendar, I see Mother’s Day is around the corner. If there was ever a year that mums need to be celebrated, 2021 is THE year. It’s time to focus on mum. So indulge me for a moment. I want to talk about marvellous mums.

Mums are the memory makers, the dreamer of dreams. You only have to put mum quotes in Google to see the reams of search results that come back – mums are like buttons they hold everything together, mums are the glue, mum is the heart of the family.

Mums are the ones constantly taking the photos of baby eating, sleeping, playing, capturing those special moments with dad, with friends and siblings, and yet it’s mums that rarely end up in the photos themselves. Too often mums (when asked to be in the photo) shun the camera, not feeling confident, excusing their place, saying they are not looking their best.

So this year, in my quest to get more mums in focus, for mums to ‘exist’ in photos, I’m launching my new ‘Mummy & Me’ sessions.

These are intimate sweet little sessions with very little fuss and don’t take long. It’s my celebration of motherhood. These sessions are about capturing the special bond you have with your child or children. They are informal and fun, a little moment frozen in time for

you to remember forever.

It’s hard sometimes for mums to feel confident in front of the lens but I want to reassure you that these sessions are about the connection between you and your child. You can bring along anything that will make you all feel confident, books or games, it’s all about capturing

your time together in a relaxed and informal way.

I can guide on ways to stand or sit, and I will shoot from angles that will flatter if that’s something that worries you. Clothing should be comfortable and mums should always start with planning their outfit first. Then choose something for your child to wear that coordinates.

I’m always available to lend a helping hand on styling. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether your children are babies, months old, teenagers or grown ups. Maybe you want a generational shot with grandma or with someone who has been like a mother to you. I want to celebrate all of you, to celebrate your journey of motherhood at every age and stage.

I know I want to be in more photos with my kids. I know I’m guilty of avoiding the shots because my hair’s a mess or I’m not wearing makeup but time passes and children grow up. So ladies, let’s exist in photos, because you can never have too many photos of you with those you love.

My Mummy & Me mini sessions are a perfect Mother’s Day gift (hint, hint dads) and are available to book on Sunday 18th April at my studio in Fleet. Click here to book.

Life outside the front door is a mere click away, offering us all a season of new beginnings and fresh starts. So why not start now? Step in to those photos mummy, even with your messy bun and joggers on – what the heck eh? Don’t be photo shy, AND don’t ever question just how ah-maz-ing you really are.

I promise you, you wont regret it.

Love Jess xx

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