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How to Pick the Perfect Photoshoot Guaranteed to Suit Your Family!

One of the questions I get asked the most before people book a photoshoot

with me is “What kind of photo session do you recommend?”

The answer is always … “it depends.”

No matter what your age (or family stage) the secret to getting good photos is making sure you pick a photoshoot that suits YOUR family dynamic. It won’t surprise you that when you (and your family) feel comfortable in your surroundings, it shows!

When it comes to getting great photos picking the right setting is key. Should you choose a lifestyle session in the comfort of your own home or a styled studio shoot? What about having photos outdoors? Decisions, decisions.

Whether you’re a new parent, a family with young children or looking to capture a gorgeous multi-generational shot, if you can’t decide what session would be right for you, then check out my guide to picking the perfect shoot. It’s everything you need to know and more!

1. Home - Comfortable, Relaxed and Oh So Personal.

Home lifestyle sessions are some of my most popular shoots, especially for new parents and families with toddlers in tow. Not only is it easy-peasy to have your photographer come to you, having a shoot in your family home can add an extra personal touch to your photos.

For starters, the surroundings are 100% totally your vibe so you’ll naturally be more at ease. Home sessions are all about capturing relaxed shots on the sofa, bed or in the nursery. They are simple, beautiful and totally stress-free!

If your toddler is a little on the shy side, and you’re desperate to get some gorgeous family shots, then a shoot at home is the perfect choice for kids that typically shun the camera. With no pressure to sit and smile, no unfamiliar studio to navigate, your kids can just be themselves. It always results in beautiful candid shots you’re guaranteed to cherish forever.

2. Studio – Stylish Set-ups and Sweet Mini Sessions

Studio photo shoots are great for babies of all ages. Whether it’s cute newborn portraits, super fun sitter sessions, birthday cake smashes or themed mini sessions, the studio does it all!

Studio sessions are typically posed photography, which especially for newborns, allows us to get those gorgeous shots of womb like poses and milk drunk smiles. You also get the chance to theme the background and use my props to enhance the look and styles you love. Sessions in my cosy studio are relaxed and always go at your baby’s pace with plenty of chances to stop and feed or change nappies. From tummy time to 4 months old, babies are surprisingly easy subjects, smiling on cue and just being their adorable selves!

For older children, studio sessions depend on the temperament of your child.

If you’ve got an active toddler who doesn’t like to sit still (even for 5 minutes), a studio session might be too stifling. You won’t get those ear- to-ear grins from a cooped up mini explorer! For active tots, choosing an outdoor session might be a better option.

My studio based mini sessions are perfect to try if you’ve not had a studio shoot before or if you’re looking to capture a quick refresh of your family photos. My mini sessions are themed for key times of the year like Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Mother’s Day and make brilliant gifts.

3. Outdoor Lifestyle - Flexible, Fun and Full of Freedom!

Outdoor lifestyle sessions are brilliantly flexible and work well with all ages, particularly energetic children that will relish the freedom of being outside or curious toddlers that are now able to walk. From woodlands carpeted in bluebells, to the purple hues of the lavender fields, with so many wonderful places in Fleet and its surrounding areas, we are really spoilt for choice with the most stunning backdrops for outdoor photography sessions.

If an outdoor session seems right up your street, don’t forget to think about the seasons too! For babies, outdoor sessions can be quite limiting especially in colder months. Not only are we restricted to images where the parents must hold their child (especially if your baby isn’t walking yet) plus often in colder

weather, snowsuits or other chunkier clothing restrict and limit your babies’ movements - even tummy time and sitting become harder to do with all those layers! If you really want to do an outdoor session with a baby, then summer is the season to do it!

For families with teens or older children, or for larger family group shots including pets, outdoor photography really offers the most flexibility. You will be able to use a greater variety of backgrounds (trees, meadows etc) for the shoot to mix it up a bit but being outside enables a more playful side to shine

through too.

From the reliability of studio shots (the great British weather can be temperamental), to the gorgeous light of outdoor photography (golden hour isn’t called golden for no reason!) whatever type of photography you love the most, I promise there will be a perfect setting to match! Taking the time to think through your family’s needs beforehand will ensure you’re one step closer to picking the right shoot to suit you!

Still not sure? Why not check out my galleries for inspo? From stunning studio shoots to beautiful home photography and of course lots of awesome outdoor sessions to look through, it might just help you decide. Don’t forget, if you have any questions or want to talk things through, then give me a call or drop me an email. I’m always happy to help!

Love Jess xx

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