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Heart Melting Newborn Photography – Prepare to be wooed by baby Jude

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Let me take you behind the scenes this month with my featured “In Focus” family. Melt into gorgeous creamy hues with this dreamy newborn photoshoot for the oh-so-gorgeous Jude.

Photographing a newborn baby and their family is such a magical experience. For lots of mums-to-be, it can be a daunting prospect having a family photo taken mere weeks after you’ve given birth – but they are oh-so-worth it. This precious time is so fleeting. You’ll want to capture those teeny tiny toes and aww inducing moments to remember forever.

There’s lots of choices when it comes to newborn photography from style, colours, lifestyle or studio shoots. If you’re considering booking a newborn shoot and want to see more about how they work keep reading! Or if you’re here to simply indulge in the oh-so-gorgeous baby shots (who could blame you), you’re in for a wonderful treat! Hold on to your heart strings people, because here’s Jude.

Maxine and Neil welcomed baby Jude into their family on the 19th May 2021, one day earlier than expected. A gorgeous bundle of joy weighing 6lb 1ozs and a perfect baby brother for Winnie who is nearly two.

Opting for a posed newborn shoot, Maxine chose a simple, neutral colour palette with crisp whites and creamy hued knits in the most delicate textures and patterns.

On arrival at my studio, the shoot began with all the family together. When younger siblings are part of the session it’s always good to start when they are fresh and excited. Prior to the shoot, Maxine and I had discussed colours, outfits and backdrops. I’d prepared a selection of outfits, swaddles, wraps and props ready for her to choose from. Winnie had the most adorable antique cream coloured dress with an irresistible headband to compliment those sweet little curls. Maxine and Neil had dressed using contrasting dark and patterned outfits. Family shots captured, we took some individual shots of Winnie, the proud big sister, using a neutral backdrop and super soft Flokati rug.

With big sister duties out of the way and taken home by Daddy to get a well-deserved treat, the shoot continued with Jude as star of the show.

We started with dreamy womb-like poses. Jude was 14 days old at this point so was still curling up into those perfect little positions for me to capture. Maxine chose a selection of crisp white swaddles, waffle textured wraps and some more buttery creamed fabric by Blessence to accentuate these poses. The addition of a simple, white knitted teddy from Knitlandia just makes my heart sing. The adorable factor was totally off the scale.

Another outfit change and we moved to the Baby Fox posing table and into a beautiful delicate romper by Baby Love UK. Posed with a sleeping teddy from Rock a bye (matching the sleepy Jude) the beige stitching on the bear was selected to tie-in with the rompers neutral-coloured buttons.

To capture those new-born wrinkles (a must for newborn photography) Maxine had selected a two-piece combination of dainty trousers and sleepy hat in a beautiful, clotted cream shade. Maxine also opted for a bear bonnet (with little ears) tied with a delightfully wispy bow - so un- bear-ably-cute!

The session was a creamy-dreamy pleasure to shoot. Maxine and Neil’s favourite photo was this perfectly precious one of Jude cuddling the knitted bear, his hand gently tucked under his head. It’s totally angelic.

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Maxine and her family before, having taken newborn shots of Winnie. Knowing the family and having great rapport with them, I was thrilled to then be invited to photograph Jude.

Maxine called me a baby whisperer and I couldn’t be more flattered!

“Jess’ communication is great! She is the baby whisperer! If only I could get my babies to sleep like she does! She has a lovely manner with both my baby and toddler and makes everyone feel at ease.”

For those mums considering a newborn shoot Maxine’s advice is not to worry - “Definitely go for it as you’ll cherish the photos forever and will never regret it. Don’t stress beforehand about baby not sleeping – if the photographer is as talented as Jess, they’ll be asleep and at ease in no time.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about my Newborn sessions, why not take a peek at my galleries Newborn posed / Newborn lifestyle or simply give me a call to have a chat. It’s never too early to book so if you know your due date, you can pencil a date in now. You’d be surprised how quickly they get booked up.

My sessions are relaxed and led by your baby. I only do one of these shoots a day so my clients are never rushed, and we can take our time capturing those oh-so important photos. Whether it’s a posed shoot in my warm cosy studio in Fleet or a lifestyle session in the comfort of your own home, I’ll make sure you have photos you’ll love for a lifetime.

Love Jess xx

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