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Fine Art Portraiture – Timeless photography everyone is talking about!

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Something new for the New Year! Take a sneak peek at my Fine Art Portraiture. Timeless, quality photography for 2021 you don’t want to miss!

The second lockdown has left me musing about the New Year ahead and hoping for all things to be brighter. It’s true that I’ve suddenly got some time on my hands (well apart from being a mum of two) but hanging up my camera (during lockdown) doesn’t mean that my hopes, aspirations and plans are on hold!

Becoming a photographer is a constant never-ending journey of development. Like every professional, I always want to better myself, I want to try new things and grow my portfolio. I’m always pushing my own development and I love learning. Learning and training forces me to look at things differently and shake out any habits that may have snuck in there. I adore getting to know my camera anew, mastering different techniques to add to my experience.

A passion of mine that I’ve been working hard on for a few years now (especially with my own little muse of a daughter) is fine art portraiture. Fine art portraiture is a specific type of portrait photography that has intellectual or aesthetic value. It’s wall art or décor photography – it’s not about capturing moments per se, it’s about creating precise composition and an artistic statement. It, of course, still relies on the fundamentals of photography: light, colour and composition but it’s the artistic vision behind the photo that’s key. It’s photography that brings elegance and sophistication to the everyday.

The results are simply stunning. Adjectives like intensely hued, miraculous, fantastic, graceful, elegant, dramatic, wistful all capture this poetic type of photography. Those in the photography business often describe it as museum quality photography and it makes simply

remarkable wall art.

The luxurious nature of fine art portraiture is intended, like the fine art of paintings from the past, to stand the test of time, to become an heirloom piece. You can see why. These pictures require a significant amount of time and effort to produce. The creative effort is worth it though as the output is a unique piece of stunning photography.

So it’s with a sparkly sense of delight, that I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be offering a limited amount of fine art portraiture, studio slots in January 2021.

These seven limited edition sessions are hand edited by me and will take place in my home studio in Fleet. It’s premium photography that is original and inspiring yet oozing with a classical, richness true to its genre. The results are delicate, simple and utterly perfect. Each session is £45 and will result in one fine art portraiture image for you to cherish forever.

Click here to access the early bird offer.

Love Jess x

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