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6 reasons why autumn is the hero of kid-friendly photo shoots.

Shhhh don’t tell everyone... 6 reasons why autumn photography is the hero of kid-friendly photo shoots.

Autumn. Autumn is when everything begins and everything changes – especially the ever-changing British weather- misty mornings, a hint of chill in the air coupled with the odd warm afternoon, and the multi-coloured-leaf-laden pavements. Wouldn’t it be simply hideous (you may cry) to take rain-sodden shots, to battle the chill, and with the kids back at school (finally) haven’t we got Christmas around the corner – who has the time - I mean really?

Here’s a secret. Autumn is the BEST time for family outdoor shoots! Let me tell you why...

1. Nature as a backdrop - #no filter needed!

Autumn just makes me think of families - the crunch of leaves and the rosy cheeks make it an ideal time to take family photos. The warm shades of the season’s scenery and autumnal palette simply scream PHOTOGRAPH ME! Not only do the rather clever autumnal shades

provide a stunning backdrop, they really rather enhance and flatter the warm undertones in everyone’s skin, meaning EVERYONE looks simply gorgeous. I’m not kidding. Whilst a mere mortal might wince at cloudy skies, us photographer-types are jumping around, closing the

photoshop software, and embracing the SOFT BEAUTIFUL LIGHT!

2. Autumn is the EASIEST season to dress for.

Yep. It’s true. The mild but-hint-of-chill-in-the-air weather means you don’t have to wear lots of layers, not like in the summer months where you have to worry about wearing thin enough fabrics that prevent you from getting too hot and sweaty. Autumn coaxes out the chunky knits, patterns and textures that ‘pop’ on camera. Team these with beautiful scarves and fantastic hats, wellies or sturdy boots and you’re good to go.

3. Colours - my favourite colour is autumn!

You know I just said autumn was the easiest season to dress for? Well all the colours that compliment this season you’ve probably got already. Autumn leans towards warm neutrals, navy blues, purples, vibrant reds and browns of all shades. If you’re stuck for inspiration, I’m

always happy to help with colour combinations and outfit selections prior to a shoot.

4. Golden hour

Autumn is a photographers dream. The golden buttery light is so twinkly and magical. This special, soft, hazy light is at its best around 4.30pm in September/early October until the clocks change pushes us back an hour. This is wonderful for family shoots as it works well for most young children. Beautiful light and not interrupting the bedtime routine! Win-win!

5. Fun, Fun and did I say fun!

Another reason autumn is just perfect for those family shoots is that it is such a fun season. Kicking-up-leaves, walks in the woods, collecting pinecones, acorns or sticks and those gorgeous dusky evenings – it’s so exciting for children and spirits are naturally high with Christmas around the corner. If studio shoots won’t work for those energetic children that

need to be climbing and exploring to be at their best, or if studio shoots just aren’t your cup of tea, then autumn ticks all the boxes.

6. Gift that keeps on giving.

Don’t just keep those gorgeous autumn photos to yourself they can also make super thoughtful gifts for friends and family. Unlike some of the oh-so-cute and kitsch Christmas based photos that tend to live on Christmas cards, autumn shoots, when printed, have longevity to stay up long past the tinsel being taken down. Let’s face it with the covid-y troublesomeness thwarting family get-togethers if grandparent’s can’t be with you, the next best thing is to have a gorgeous photo of you! Added bonus, you can avoid the Christmas rush and sit back sipping your mulled wine whilst everyone else is frantic.

Autumn has arrived and we’re spoilt for choice here in Fleet- it’s brimming with trees, forest walks and local parks. So what are you waiting for? If you want to see some of my outdoor work take a look here.

I hope to see you soon for a shoot.

Love Jess x

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