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6 of My All-time Favourite Photo Moments from a Totally Terrific 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Fleet is sprinkled with frost and fairy lights are twinkling everywhere! I’m feeling festively fabulous!

2022 has been a great year for Jessica Sharp Photography. I’ve met some wonderful new families and returned to some of my 2021 newborns who now are grown up enough for oh-so cute sitter sessions or 1st birthday cake smashes. I’ve even had the privilege of snagging the best photographer in

Hampshire award! *Pinches myself again*

So, as I wrap up the final edits of the year, I wanted to take a moment to share some of my favourite photos from an absolutely awesome 2022! From photos that just make me smile to photos that remind me of extra-special times, I’ve enjoyed EVERY single shoot this year but some of these are my absolute faves!


Immy and Freddie are a dynamic duo I love to capture. I feel so lucky to have photographed this pair since they were teeny tiny and with each photoshoot since then, seeing them grow up, has been a real privilege. These fabulous clients, like many others, have become good friends too which is such a bonus of my job.

These photos make me smile so much! This wonderful session was set in the woodlands of Fleet and was just brimming with fun. Outdoor shoots with kids are just perfect – there’s oodles of space for them to explore and it really allows their curiosity and characters to shine through. This shoot also took advantage of gorgeous autumn afternoon light that makes everything look divine! I already have Immy and Freddie’s summer 2023 session booked in and I know with this cheeky pair, it is guaranteed to be a blast! I can’t wait!


There’s something magical about photographing newborns. It’s such a special time for new parents and being allowed into their newborn baby bubble is a real joy and privilege.

Sloane was a delight to photograph. She was my first newborn after having my own newborn and boy did she make me broody, again! Just look at those newborn wrinkles *dreamy sigh* and that little smile!

*Double dreamy sigh*. I can't wait to see her in January for her sitter session!


I’m always looking for new ideas to delight my clients. 2022 saw my launch of two new mini sessions - Valentines and pumpkins. They were so popular, I’m excited to now make these a regular fixture in the diary. Valentine’s mini sessions will be back in January 2023. These swoon-worthy sessions are the perfect gift for someone you love, especially if you’re looking for something non-cheesy that lasts longer than a box of chocs! I mean, who wouldn’t love a pic of their little love bug?

This photo of Paetyn was just so sweet, I adore it!

October saw the launch my pumpkin-tastic photos at The Rotherwick Patch. I loved these colourful mini sessions that are perfect for the kids -picking plump pumpkins to carve for Halloween is just the best, isn’t it?

This my first official photograph of my babies and Simon – it’s just so darn cute! It made me realise I must take more pics of Valentina! I think I need to book her in for a shoot!


This summer I was thrilled to be able to capture graduation photos for degree students Stephen and Elsie. Having had their graduations delayed due to Covid, I was honoured to be asked to capture their milestone moments. I love this portraiture style. It has a luxurious feel and classical richness to it that works perfectly against the plain muted background. It’s a photo style that is guaranteed to stand the test of time and just perfect for such an amazing achievement!


I’m aways talking about the seasons and the wonderful photo opportunities each one presents. I absolutely love this portrait of Alexander amidst the leaves. You can just see the joy on his face! The colours are stunning too! I mean who doesn’t love throwing leaves up in the air and watching them fall? Autumn is perfect for getting shots of little ones - the season’s colours are awesome and there’s so much for the kids to enjoy being outside – plus lots of lovely leaves too!


My absolute favourite photo of the year has to be this multi-generational shot of Bex, Amelia, Anne and Sue. This photo always hits me in the feels when I look at it! The shoot was simply full to the brim with love and laughter – and you can see it on their faces. It’s a photo I know will be cherished forever. I was so thrilled to be able to capture this special moment for this wonderful family. It makes my heart sing.

On top of all my amazing photoshoots, from magical minis to newborn family photos I was over the moon to be voted Best Photographer in Hampshire and Isle of Wight 2022 – I’m still totes-emosh about it all! I’m so lucky to have such amazing clients that continue to support me. A HUGE thank you to all my clients, old and new - this job is truly amazing because of you all!

So, as I get ready to hang up my camera and enjoy my first Christmas as a family of five, I want to wish all my lovely clients a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

I’ll see you in 2023 for lots more photography fun!

Love Jess xx

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