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5 Reasons You Should Trust Your Photographer and Why it Really Matters

As a newborn and family photographer, one of the most common questions I get asked before any shoot is “What can we (aka the parents) to do to help?”

Whilst I’ve got a handy little checklist for parents full of helpful tips and tricks for every type of session, I’m going to let you in to a little secret. There’s one essential ingredient that 100% transforms ALL my photos. It can make THE difference between getting a good shot or getting a great shot.

That magic ingredient? TRUST! *Mic-drop*

Yes, you read that right. Aretha Franklin might sing about respect but for totally tremendous photos, trusting your photographer really matters. From trusting me to handle your precious newborn baby to trusting me to get those wow-worthy shots of your toddler, letting me do my thing (and trusting I’m

doing it right) can make a world of difference to your photos.

Check out my 5 reasons why totally trusting your photographer always results in better photos

Trust me it’s worth reading!

1. Trust your Photographer’s Training

Working with tiny delicate babies requires extra special training and experience. Sadly, the newborn photography industry is largely unregulated, so it’s important when booking a newborn photographer not to assume everyone is trained. If it’s not clear what training a photographer has had – ask them! Most photographers will be more than happy to share their qualifications. Only commit to a photographer once you are completely happy with their credentials.

Safety is always my priority. I’m lucky to have had extensive training by the world's leading newborn photographers: Kelly Brown, Little Love Photography,  Gary Hill and Newborn Baby Posing Limited so you can feel confident that my images are not only beautiful but are 100% safe.

I like to use simple props in my shoots, like baskets filled with comfy blankets. I never leave a baby unsupported, whether they are wrapped in soft delicate fabrics or dressed in beautiful newborn outfits your baby is comfortable and protected for the entire shoot. I use digital editing techniques to achieve certain poses and to cleverly remove unwanted elements (like parents supporting hands) in post-production. From capturing newborn wrinkles to those oh-so cute ‘posed’ shots, you can feel reassured that you’ll get beautiful photo’s that are 100% safe.

2. Trust Your Photographer to Capture Smiles

Whether it’s a mini photo shoot or a family

shoot with energetic toddlers in tow, without a doubt, every parent’s top concern is that the kids actually smile.

Whilst it can be tempting to ‘brief’ your kids to ‘perform’ in front of the camera, my advice is DON’T!! Yes, photo shoots with young kids can be difficult for parents but trust your photographer!

Getting the best out of your little ones is my job, not yours. You see, photographers have a whole host of tricks that enable us to get the kind of photos we know you’ll love. Whilst it might seem like you are helping get your child to smile, the truth is it’s more likely to put the kibosh on any natural moments. Trust me, forced smiles are not the kind of photos you want to display in your home. In every shoot I spend time building trust with the children by having a joke and making them laugh. When the kids are relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings, their little personalities can really shine through and when it does, I’ll capture it. I promise!

3. Trust Your Photographer’s Choice of Time

If you’re looking for some awesome outdoor family photography, when you shoot is just as important as where you shoot! But what if it messes up bedtime? If it’s when the kids nap or worse - it’s when they should be eating?

It’s easy to try and shoehorn a photo session into your little one’s schedule tominimise disruption but if you can put your trust into the time of day your photographer suggests– I promise you’ll reap the stunning rewards.

Photographers are just a little bit obsessed by light. It’s what makes our photos sing and makes everything look beautiful. We simply love summer’s magic hour (the hour just before sunrise and just before sunset). We swoon over the low crisp light of winter and the golden speckled light of autumn simply sets our hearts a flutter! Every season brings with it a whole host of photography opportunities to get really *really* great photos. You may have to juggle naptimes or mealtimes to keep little people happy (think snacks!), but the results are totally worth it. Jaw-droppingly stunning photos with a light you can’t recreate in a studio. When a photographer tells you the light will be wonderful, trust me, it will be!

4. Trust Your Photographer’s Advice on Outfits

When you spend so much time behind a lens it’s easy to see what outfits really ‘work’ in pictures. It may seem silly to think that what you wear would have so much impact to the finished product but, trust me, it does. Whilst your toddler may be Peppa Pig obsessed and want (#demand) to wear their favourite dress or t-shirt, my advice would be (as hard as that battle will be) don’t let them. That goes for any family shots – avoid loud logos and character branding as much as possible.

Whilst it might seem cute now, in a few years it won’t and even worse it will date your photos. For photography you can love for a lifetime you need a timeless palette. Getting advice from your photographer on what to wear is part of the process – so don’t be shy. Outfit colours are dependant as much on the locations as the seasons. From the purple hues of the lavender fields in summer to earthy tones of an autumn woodland shoot and everything in-between, trust your photographer to advise you on the best hues for your session.

5. Trust Photographers that Have Great Testimonials

Putting your trust into a photographer to capture your family’s milestone moments can feel quite overwhelming. Using a photographer that comes recommended by people you already know is always a good place to start.

If you need to start from scratch, then ask a local FB group from your area for recommendations. Shortlist the photographers you like and read testimonials from their existing clients. Have a good look around their website and make sure you like the images you see in their galleries. Every photographer has their own style. Whether that’s their use of colour, textures, light or editing style. Make sure it matches the aesthetic you are looking for.

Finally – always trust your gut! Have a chat with your photographer and seen how you get along. Photography is such a personal business, so making sure you feel comfortable with your photographer will allow you to relax and get the most from your shoot.

Trusting your photographer is a simple strategy that works for ANY photoshoot. From trusting a photographer with your newborn baby to trusting that they’ll get the most uncooperative toddler to smile, it’s the best way to guarantee you’ll get the most out of your session and come away with photos you’ll absolutely love.

Love Jess xx

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