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5 of My Summer Photography Favourites That'll Make You Smile

There’s nothing quite like summer! And what a summer it was!

I’m still basking in the memories of the beautiful golden glow of sunshine and carefree (school-free) days! Bliss.

Summer photography is just so happy. It’s bright, fun and full to the brim with laughter. My summer sessions were a wonderful photography kaleidoscope of new beginnings, academic achievements, and lots of lovely magical moments. It’s been utterly sun-sational!

So, before we officially hang up our flip-flops, throw on knitted jumpers, (and resist the *strong* temptation to turn the heating on), join me as I share with you 5 of my favourite summer shoots.

I promise they’ll leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy!

1. Hayleigh and Sofiya at Golden Hour

Every season has its remarkable moments, but summer’s golden hour wins the photography crown. Taking place just after sunrise or just before sunset the golden hour is that oh-so-perfect time when the natural light becomes magical. It adds a beautiful texture and glow to photography that simply can’t be replicated in photoshop. It’s no surprise then that my summer sunset sessions are some of my most popular shoots, especially for families looking for extra special photo sessions.

This summer I have spent many glorious sunsets at Velmead Common with its lush green scenery and golden hour light. It’s always a little tricky to keep small children going when it’s late afternoon or early evening but a delayed nap (or lots of snacks) goes a long way to producing happy photos. The

results really speak for themselves.

One of my absolute favourite sunset photos is from Hayleigh and Sofiya’s Mummy and Daughter session. I mean, just look at that light!

2. The Soan Family and Pawsome Pooch, Tarlo

As a huge animal lover, I always do a little happy dance when families choose to include pets in their photo session. So, you can imagine my utter delight when I met the fabulous Soan Family and their three-legged Northern Inuit, Tarlo. This pawsome pooch was simply stunning and added a fab furry dimension to this gorgeous family session.

Including pets in your family photo is really easy to do, especially in the summer when the weather is better, and the days stay lighter for longer.Using the wonderful wide-open spaces and woodlands we have in and aroundFleet, children and pets have the total freedom to run and explore. This relaxed style results in beautiful candid photography that perfectly captures your family’s personality and charm.

3. Cheeky Brothers in Sunflower Happiness

The Flower Plot at Hartley Court Farm in Hook opened for their second year, and they did not disappoint! These sunny sunflower sessions were snapped up fast - I mean who could resist gorgeous photos taken with a breath-taking backdrop of towering sunflowers?

I was thrilled to photograph so many new faces this year as well as some of my loyal clients. These two mischievous boys never fail to make me laugh! This photo really is the epitome of care-free summer happiness and blooming good sunflower fun! Yay!

4. Tilly’s Seasonal Cake Smash

I always get an extra buzz when I photograph my family. Seeing these milestone moments as a photographer and an auntie is just so precious! I was so thrilled to capture my niece Tilly's summer cake smash. The cake smash had a quintessentially English vibe, with beautiful garden roses, lush green

foliage and of course yummy vanilla sponge. Tilly’s sage green dress was the perfect choice to tie in with this English country garden theme. It was deliciously good summer fun!

5. Elsie’s Gorgeous Graduation

Summer holidays signal the end of the academic year and for many university students a chance to don their cap and gown and think about their future – exciting!

Celebrating getting a degree is a huge milestone moment. Everyone wants to capture this time with perfect photos that they can look back on for years to come. That’s why I was so honoured to be asked to take Elsie’s graduation portrait. Having had her graduation delayed due to Covid restrictions, I was given the privilege to snap this very special moment. Portrait photography is simple, crisp and designed to stand the test of time. With a gorgeous classical richness and plain muted background, this style of photography allows the subject to really shine. As you can see from this photo, Elsie certainly is a true

shining star!

Nothing says summer quite like balmy days, super smiles and gorgeous golden light! From sunsets and sunflower fields to English country gardens and graduations, this summer has been sun-sational!!

The seasons always bring with them such wonderful photo opportunities. As sad as it is to say goodbye to summer, there’s nothing quite like autumn to raise your spirits! The cosy season brings a beautiful palate of colours that provides a simply stunning backdrop for photos!

Whether it’s pumpkin patch mini sessions or outdoor family photo shoots full of lovely rosy cheeks and lots of crunchy leaves, I’ve a bumper crop of photo- fun in store.

I promise it is absolutely guaranteed to knock your welly boots off!

Watch this space!

Pumpkin spiced latte anyone?

Love Jess xx

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