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3 Top Tips for Blooming Beautiful Maternity Photos

March is such a wonderful month! The weather is getting milder, buds are emerging on the trees and the daffodils are popping their little yellow heads-up all-around Fleet.

Spring is a season of new beginnings and THIS spring I’m thrilled to announce my own news! That’s right, there’ll be a new addition to the Sharp Family! Baby Sharp will be joining us in late spring, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! A beautiful sibling for Arabella and Iggy as Simon and I become a family of 5!

With my own pregnancy in the third trimester, and my mind filled with all the excitement of our new arrival, I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk all things ‘bump’ this month!

Maternity photoshoots (sometimes known as pregnancy photoshoots) are such a wonderful part of your journey to becoming a parent. They are something I’ve done with each of my pregnancies, and they are photos I’m so glad I have. My children love looking at the time they were in mummy’s tummy, and I’ve got my own maternity shoot scheduled for baby number 3 in the next few weeks! Exciting!

I absolutely love doing maternity shoots. They are such a wonderful moment in time for new parents and growing families.

If you’re pregnant and considering a maternity shoot or know an expectant mum-to-be who would like to capture the excitement of their pregnancy story, then check out my 3 top tips for blooming beautiful maternity photos.

1. The BEST way to capture your pregnancy bloom is to make sure the shoot is tailored to YOU!

Capturing your maternity journey is very personal. For some mums-to-be, they’re becoming parents for the first time, for others it’s capturing the bloom of a growing little family. Each family, like each pregnancy, is different and each maternity shoot should reflect this and your preferred style.

Looking through maternity images you like prior to your shoot and working closely with your photographer is key to making sure the photos you get are exactly as you envisaged.

Whether you’re looking to get photos as part of your pregnancy announcement or want to share a special moment with your partner or children before your new baby arrives, maternity photos offer you a unique moment in time to capture your family’s special story your way.

Lots of my growing families use maternity shoots to capture younger children’s excitement about the arrival of their new sibling. There’s nothing sweeter than capturing little ones kissing their mummy’s tummy or hugging the bump that will soon be their new baby brother or sister. It’s a proud moment and a photo opportunity not to be missed as well as being totally aww-inducing!

2. Schedule your Maternity shoot for when your bump is at its best shape!

You can pre-book your maternity photoshoot anytime from your 12-week scan but ideally, you’ll be in your third trimester when you do a maternity shoot – so between 30-35 weeks (7-8th month). The main reason for this is because not only will you still be mobile and comfortable - but this is also typically the point when your belly bump becomes a nice shape - more pronounced and round!

3. Wear something comfortable that makes you feel good

The key with any outfit is comfort and good underwear!

To make the most of your bump, try to select an outfit that has a flattering silhouette. Lots of my mums-to-be choose flowy garments with lots of movement - like a maxi dress where we can capture lots of fantastic swishing shots. Some expectant mums opt for more form fitting fabric that showcases their bump or select outfits where they can bare their bump with flowing tops or unbuttoned shirts.

I’ve got several gorgeous gowns and bodysuits at my studio that my clients can choose from in a wide range of colours and styles.

Mums-to-be can also choose from my range of gorgeous flowing material for some tasteful nude and underwear shots. Don’t worry if you don’t want to do nude or partially covered shots, this session is all about YOU. We’ll chat prior to the shoot and work out your comfort level and you’ll get the chance to look

through my selection of outfits.

You can check out my gallery for inspiration of different styles and looks. From classic to modern, dramatic, or light and airy I have a range of styles that will fit every taste (and bump).

So, if those phone selfies aren’t capturing your bloom as well as you’d like, if you want to capture this growing chapter of your family before your new arrival, or if you simply want to get some blooming beautiful maternity photos of your gorgeous bump, then get in touch!

My sessions are always relaxed and informal, fun, and memorable. If you’ve any questions you can check out my Maternity FAQ’s or drop me an email.

Whether it’s in my cosy studio in Fleet, the comfort of your home or a stunning outdoor location, my promise is to capture the most beautiful maternity photos you’ll be sure to cherish forever.

Love Jess xx

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