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3 BIG reasons why my “mini” photography sessions are anything but small!

Hello sunshine, hello meeting people outside!! Goodbye sweatpants! With daylight saving bringing longer days, warmer weather plus those gorgeous gentle spring breezes, I’m simply bursting with the joys of spring!

Oh how wonderful it is to have inky notations in my diary and ‘dates’ to look forward to as we dust off our calendars and finally make plans! My most recent (and I think exciting) joy-planning activity has been to finally get the dates in the diary for my “mini” sessions.

You know that old saying that good things come in small packages? Meet the mini! You may be familiar with my mini sessions already but for those that aren’t, let me extol the wonderful-ness that is the mighty mini.

1. A mini is what it sounds like - a smaller version of a portrait package.

A mini differs from a main photography session mainly due to the time spent photographing you. A full shoot can take 1 to 2 hours with outfit changes and multiple locations. A mini session is simply more compact. Focused at a set location (think studio, bluebell wood or lavender field), mini sessions take place on a specific date with a set time slot that you select yourself. Typically 20-30mins in length, your session is part of a set of back-to–back appointments. They are perfectly prepared, super fun and often set either in my studio or in beautiful locations around Hampshire. A few weeks after your mini session, you will be be given access to a private online gallery of c.10-15 images from which you choose 4-5 images to keep.

Whilst the time is reduced, nothing else is. It’s half an hour of fun resulting in quality high-resolution shots that you’re guaranteed to love forever.

2. Mini sessions are perfect for families with busy lifestyles.

These sessions are little power pockets of perfection that are designed to make the whole photography process enjoyable and even easier to schedule. They are wonderful for families who maybe aren’t ready to commit to full sessions just yet or for families wanting a quick refresh of photos. Mini sessions, by their very nature, are short in duration so they work especially well for families with young children who will only tolerate a small snapping period. Prior to the session we will have a chat to cover any questions you may have. I am of course, always happy to help with outfit choices too! Once you’re happy with the plan all you have to do is turn up to your slot on the day.


3. Mini sessions are seasonal, fun and unique - oh my!

Mini sessions can be described as shoots with a purpose. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day sessions are really popular and encourage parents to get in front of the camera with their little ones. Great as a unique gift idea they are a wonderful way to share a special family moment.

Perfect for mums, dads and siblings of of every age and stage! The bluebells of spring and the lavender of summer offer lots of amazing photographic opportunities that simply can’t be missed. Like the flowers themselves, these mini sessions take place when the season

is at its best and brightest. As you can imagine these are limited in availability and sell out quickly. Who doesn’t love the blur of purple as the most stunning backdrop? Bluebells and lavender are the perfect canvas for all types of photography from teens to toddler. If your baby is comfortably sitting (6 months or more) they are the perfect height to sit amongst either of these stunning flowers. They really are magical sessions that never fail to impress.

Back-to-School chalkboard mini sessions are a fun way to capture each academic year. They are like a mini photographic time capsule of your little ones’ quirky personalities as they grow. You can, of course, still capture the obligatory social media snap of new uniforms on the doorstep!

Christmas mini sessions are popular for those extra special Christmas cards or photo gifts (baubles, coasters and so much more!). They are perfect for grandparents or those hard-to-buy-for relatives. Christmas is always choc-a-bloc for these sessions and the kids adore the

Christmassy backdrops and props. With Christmas tunes on and a cheeky mince pie in hand both the adults and the children remain festive throughout the shoot. What’s not to love?

My mini sessions are designed to capture those in-between-moments in life and to be affordable enough to say “why-not!” These are short and sweet sessions that are easy to squeeze into busy schedules. These are quite simply mini sessions to charm your socks off!

Hands up who’s excited?

Love Jess xx

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