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2021 in Focus, A Snapshot of a Few of My Favourite Sessions

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

The countdown is on to the most wonderful time of the year! And what a year it’s been!

Whilst I may be counting down the sleeps until Christmas and eating a mince pie (or two) whilst humming Christmas tunes, I wanted to take a moment to give a HUGE thanks to all the wonderful families I’ve worked with this year.

I’ve met so many gorgeous (and growing) families in 2021 for photography sessions - both in my studio, or at beautiful outdoor sessions in Hampshire and I’ve simply LOVED being part of everyone’s special journey.

As the year comes to a close, I wanted to mention a few highlights of some sessions that have been particularly special to me in 2021.

1. Quaranteenies

I’ve a special place in my heart for my Quaranteenies – babies (like my own son Iggy) that were born during the pandemic. As a newborn photographer I know how important capturing those beautiful newborn images is for families. When your baby is oh-so-tiny with newborn wrinkles and milk-drunk smiles, it’s such a special and precious time. You can imagine how devastating it was, when for some of my clients, due to lockdown restrictions, their sessions had to be postponed or were put into absolute uncertainty.

These families, however, were amazing despite the constant re-adjustments and uncertainly surrounding their photo sessions.

Their stories of positivity and love in a time of Covid are just heart-warming. We DID finally get the sessions they planned, with a few adaptions (in one case a newborn shoot became a sitter session) and as you can see, the photos were totally amazing. I had the pleasure of catching up with a few of the families to see how their little ones had changed since our sessions – a mini ‘now and then’ on these little heroes. You can check out their heart- warming stories in my blog

2. Pup-Smash

As you know I LOVE pet photography so when I got the opportunity to do something diff-fur-ent I jumped at the chance!

My first ever pup-smash session was with the gorgeous River on his first birthday! A pup-smash is exactly as it sounds, just like the popular cake smash sessions for babies, the idea is that it’s a wonderfully (messy) photoshoot with your baby (or fur-baby) tucking into a gorgeous cake and having oodles of fun.

We had a pawsitively perfect time! River was amazing! We got oodles of licking shots thanks to Pup-Cakes and Bakes doggy cake and some oh-so memorable action photos too.

I mean why should humans get all the fun?

If you’re interested in a pup-smash for your special pooch, email me at

3. Mummy and Me

As a mummy myself and because of all the wonderful mums I meet at all my shoots I wanted to celebrate motherhood in a different way this year.

Parenting is rewarding but it’s wonderfully complicated, messy, and all- encompassing at times. Parents (especially mums) are often so busy taking time to sort everyone else out, capturing those special shots of their children with Dad or with other family members, that they don’t focus in on themselves.

I wanted to encourage more mums to get in the picture this year. They are, after all, the heart of the home. Here’s some of the amazing mums I captured this year from my lifestyle sessions, newborn shoots and in my Mother’s day ‘Mummy and Me’ minis.

My Mummy and Me sessions will be back in March 2022

4. Families & Siblings

The saying goes – “Family is not the important thing, it’s everything.”

From tiny babies to big families and everything in between this year has seen me capturing a whole array of growing, changing families and it has been absolutely brilliant.

I’ve had the privilege of capturing fur-babies with newborn babies, new proud big brothers and sisters (and a few unsure of their new role and their new sibling addition), chatty cousins and oodles of family togetherness that just makes the photos sing.

It’s always a special treat to photography teens/tweens. This age is notorious for refusing to be photographed, but I had a blast with the wonderful big kids I had sessions with this year. So much so that I’m launching my own tween /teen minis. Perfect for insta-worthy profile shots. Watch this


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Spending time with families, seeing their joy and togetherness and love has been the best part of my year by far.

So, before I go and hang up the Christmas stockings, let me wish you and your families the merriest of Christmases surrounded by love and togetherness - because together is the best place to be.

I look forward to seeing you in 2022.

Love Jess xx

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