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Capture Your Perfect Beginning - Newborn Photography You’ll Love for a Lifetime.

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Hey there new-mum-to-be. Congratulations! You’re about to join the most wonderful club in the world – parenthood. What an exhilarating experience to embark on. Whether its your first, second, third or fourth child, the arrival of a baby brings that special sweetness to the world and makes everything, even the hazy flurry of the first few sleepless weeks, seem divine!

It can be a daunting prospect to have a family photograph a matter of days/ weeks after you have given birth, but let me reassure you it is totally worth it to capture those rosy cheeks, teeny–tiny toes and aww-inducing oh-so-precious moments. Once they are 18 with size 11 feet, asking for pocket money or to borrow the car (!) it will seem impossible that they once were ever that small.

Thinking of having a newborn shoot? Here are a few helpful tips to consider.

1. Capture Your Newborn Story, Your Way.

Choosing a photographer can be a difficult decision– there are a lot of us out there! Selecting someone to capture your family journey is a very personal choice. So take your time and look around, check out the photographers galleries and see if their work fits in with what you envisage. If you like what you see, give the photographer a call and have a chat the good- old-fashioned way. I take the time to get into the details with my clients to make sure that we have everything covered to ensure the most relaxed shoot possible. Whether that’s in my warm cosy studio in Fleet or in the comfort of your home. Whatever you choose, it should feel comfortable and reassuring. Remember it’s your story, your way.

2. The Days are Precious and Fleeting - It’s Never Too Early to Book!

To get the best milk-drunk expressions and newborn freshness (& super cute

wrinkles) your newborn photo shoot should ‘ideally’ take place within the first 5-14 days post birth. At this point your baby is most womb-like and naturally curls up into little poses, they sleep regularly and they still have teeny-tiny little hands and feet. I’m currently taking bookings and reservations for autumn and winter so if you know your due-date already, it’s great to get your session

penciled in ASAP. The earlier the better!

3. Precious Bundles - Safety Comes First.

Often when we see photos of babies all curled up and fast asleep, relaxed and calm, it can seem like this photography lark is a doddle. The truth is that whilst your session should indeed be relaxed and calm, the careful and delicate positioning of a baby in photographs takes patience, care and most importantly training. Make sure any photographer you engage has the correct qualifications to pose babies. I’m fortunate enough to have been trained by some of the world’s best photographers including the internationally acclaimed Kelly Brown, award winning Gary Hill and Newborn Posing Limited so I know the safest way to look after your new arrival. The well being of your baby is always my main priority when doing photo shoots. Babies are understandably unpredictable, requiring feeding and frequent nappy changing. My sessions are always relaxed, informal and led by your baby and we can stop for comfort breaks at anytime. I only do one of these shoots a day so my clients are never rushed.

4. Bliss and Babies. Photos You’ll Love For a Lifetime.

Like most mums, first time, second or more, the arrival of a precious new baby is the most wonderful amazing experience. Every parent wants the best photos of their child from the first moments of their life. Yes, friends and family can snap pics here and there at the hospital or when you’re home but having professional photos allowing you and your family a moment together at this special time is a beautiful magical experience.

Maybe you’re looking for chic vintage styled images or delicate newborn shots using pastel wraps and timeless backdrops. Maybe you want to include siblings, or pets or want a simple natural shoot at home. I hope to capture the perfect moments for you, to give you photos you’ll love for a lifetime. My photography hopefully speaks for itself so please do take a peek at my gallery.

If you would like to book or have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Love Jess xx

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