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Summer photography: An idyllic backdrop for alfresco cake smashes and so much more.

For everything there is a season. As lockdown relaxes like the slow unfurling of blousy pink peonies, as the endless summer hydrangeas are coaxed in to bloom, everything and anything seems possible in the summer. Photography is no exception. Summer gives outdoor photography an idyllic backdrop for the most stunning shots. Alfresco: woodland, garden or picnic, the great outdoors is more-ish and oh so good for you.

Like most people, my family and I have been going for lots of walks over the summer months, and whilst the rain has fallen at times for days, it has left behind a wonderful landscape of lush green. Nature really does remind us of all that is good in the world. It was whilst walking, noticing the rainbows in windows, the well tended gardens, plant pots and hanging baskets of those at home and the heartfelt messages to the NHS, that made me realise I wanted to do some good myself. My doorstep photography (socially distanced of course) was inspired by trying to give something back to the families and community of Fleet whilst also raising much-needed funds for The Trussell Trust. The Trussell Trust is a truly amazing charity. It supports a nationwide network of 1,200 food banks to provide emergency food for people who can’t afford the essentials whilst working towards a future where everyone has enough. A future, where despite whatever the end of the pandemic brings, shouldn’t leave children or families with empty bellies and a head full of worries.

I’m thrilled to have raised over £700 for The Trussell Trust. Covid 19 has caused many business owners like myself to react and change ways of working but it was incredibly important for me to give something back. I’ve loved meeting the families that have taken part in my doorstep photos, hearing their stories, capturing their smiles and enjoying the resulting relaxed and unique shots that have come from them. It’s their generous donations and undefeatable spirit that’s been the highlight of the past few months.

As June turns to July, as the summer welcomes us with its hazy sunlight and promise of garden picnics, tea lights and balmy afternoons, as the easing of social distancing allows a proximity to others that is closer than a mere jaunty wave across the street, I’ve been able to begin to get behind my camera again. Bliss.

I adore the alfresco shoots of summer. The hot sun coaxes out a variety of blooms in colours like flaming magenta and electric purple. Nature becomes the perfect palate and the photographic opportunities soar.

One of my most favourite things to do in summer is a cake smash. Better described as a simply beautiful mess, cake smash photography is often (but not exclusively) done when a child is about to turn one and gets messy with a cake and a lucky photographer (me!) captures the moment. It’s a truly memorable way to celebrate a birthday or milestone and like the best messy play, is all about having the utmost fun. Alfresco cake smash sessions are a great way to create lasting memories. They are jumbled, messy and delicious! By using the wonderful locations we have on our doorstep, minimal props are required and the gorgeous natural surroundings enable me to capture the most wonderful shots.

My cake smash sessions (which typically end up being cake smash, smooshing and squishing) are relaxed and informal. I’m lucky to work with the most outstanding bakers who provide the most amazing shot worthy cakes and I’ve a wardrobe brimming with most divine outfits from rompers and tutus to nappy and bow tie sets in all manner of delicious colours. All my cake smash sessions start with a pre-session phone/chat/Skype where we can discuss colours, themes and locations outfits and props to suit the style you’re looking for.

Maybe you want to capture some summer memories and capitalise on those wonderful cloudless days, whether that’s with an alfresco cake smash or outdoor lifestyle shoot. Why not contact me to discuss some outdoor photography ideas?

A really rather wonderful writer named Jenny Han once said, “Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August”.

You know what, I think she’s right.

Love Jess xx

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